Elegant, Strong, Seamless Flooring

Color Flake Epoxy Systems

Color flake floors come in an unlimited selection of colors and combinations. We strive to provide a color combination that satisfies everyone’s style. Your new Superior Garage Floor can coordinate with your décor or create a dazzling focal point

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Elegant, Strong, Seamless Flooring

Superior Garage Floors is a Central Oregon based company that specializes in concrete coatings, polished concrete, stained concrete, quartz floors, metallic epoxy and urethane cement floors. Knowledgeable staff, top of the line equipment and industry leading material suppliers make Superior Garage Floors a name you can count on. Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal.

Our floor coating systems are ideal for a variety of situations. Garage floors, airplane hangars, commercial kitchens, schools, mud rooms, dog kennels and museum floors just to name a few. From floor preparation to applying materials Superior Garage Floors uses industry leading techniques and systems.

We prepare your existing floor by diamond grinding or shot blasting the floor to the appropriate profile needed. We then address the cracks and expansion joints to give you a seamless floor that is as beautiful as it is easy to clean. Color flake floors come in unlimited colors and flake size. Stained concrete, polished concrete, solid color epoxy and floor removal (VCT, glue, carpet, etc.) are some of the services that we provide.

Call 541-549-4040 or email stan@superiorgfcc.com today to see what Superior Garage Floors can do for you.